SPARC 2014 General Assembly:
Final deadline for abstract submissions without travel support:  15 July 2013


The 3rd SPARC DynVar Workshop has taken place jointly with the 1st SPARC SNAP Workshop, 22-26 April 2013, in Reading, England, UK.


Assessing and Understanding the Impact of Stratospheric Dynamics and Variability on the Earth System. Gerber et al 2012, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society


SPARC DynVar Activity Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling Poster Cluster @ WCRP OSC 2011


SPARC DynVar on CLIVAR Exchange:
Stratosphere-resolving Models in CMIP5
Manzini et al 2011, p29


SPARC DynVar workshop 2 outcomes:  SPARC Newsletter 36 (Manzini et al, 19-22), January 2011 issue.


DynVar is an international climate modelling activity that studies the influence of the stratospheric circulation on the global climate system, with a particular emphasis on the two-way dynamical coupling between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

The activity promotes the development and use of coupled atmosphere-ocean-seaice general circulation models to ask how does the stratospheric circulation:

  • Affect the tropospheric mean climate?
  • Impact climate variability on all timescales?
  • Impact climate change?

The activity involves scientists from modeling research centres and universities. The activity is open to all researchers interested in contributing; please contact us if you wish to participate.

The DynVar activity is part of the Stratospheric Process and their Role in Climate Project (SPARC). SPARC is a core project of the World Climate Research Program (WCRP).