Atmospheric circulation in a changing climate - DynVarMIP workshop  
Venue: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
Dates: 22-25 October 2019.

Gerber and Manzini (2016) The Dynamics and Variability Model Intercomparison Project (DynVarMIP) for CMIP6: assessing the stratosphere–troposphere system. Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 3413–3425






DynVarMIP workhop on

Atmospheric circulation in a changing climate

22-25 October 2019

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.


The goal of the workshop is to call for and organize the analysis of the CMIP6 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6, Eyring et al 2016) ensembles of experiments and the S2S (Subseasonal to Seasonal, Vitart et al 2017) database, with the focus on the dynamics and predictability of the atmospheric circulation and climate change, by making use of the climate model output requested by DynVarMIP (Gerber and Manzini 2016). Topics addressed include:

  • Model biases in dynamical processes: Assessment and exploration of the role of atmospheric dynamics in shaping the circulation response to global warming and other anthropogenic forcings (e.g. stratospheric ozone loss and recovery), and in climate prediction across timescales, with a particular focus on prediction uncertainty. Dynamical processes to be addressed include: atmospheric blocking events, atmospheric teleconnections, tropospheric storm tracks, and stratospheric polar vortices.
  • Role of atmospheric momentum and heat transport and budget in shaping the climate response to anthropogenic forcings, with the focus on stratospheric dynamics and atmosphere-ocean interactions.  In particular, the DynVarMIP will allow for a first assessment of heat and momentum transport associated with subgrid scale boundary layer processes and parameterized gravity wave fluxes.
  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling and its role in shaping variability in atmospheric circulation (e.g., by interacting with tropospheric storm tracks) and its response to natural and anthropogenic climate forcing.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Ed Gerber (New York University, USA), Elisa Manzini (Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg, DE), Amy Butler (CIRES/University of Colorado and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, USA), Natalia Calvo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Andrew Charlton-Perez (University of Reading, UK), Daniela Domeisen (ETH Zürich, CH), and Alexey Karpechko (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, FI).

Local Organizing Committee:

Natalia Calvo and Ricardo Francisco Garcia Herrera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), David Barriopedro Cepero (Instituto de Geociencias, Madrid, Spain), Marta Abalos, Blanca Ayarzaguena and Alvaro de la Cámara (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)


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The outcome of the workshop is reported in the SPARC Newsletter 48 (Gerber et al, p 26) January 2017.

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